This is a must; we have to employ the end-user to lighten the load; Without sustainable electrical household energy for first needs such as lighting, cooking and communication off-grid communities will remain to be economically excluded.

In the current 2016 African environment where 640 million people reside off-grid in an energy frontier with poorly developed roads, industry and communication facilities; our solution to the lucrative African energy market is that end-users are trained to receive jobs after moving a best practise manufacturing and sales value chain off-grid to empower homes for sustainable communities.

Our concept of a Community Factory that supports ‘a compelling off-grid emerging market value chain’ with meaningful job creation is imperative for the affordable delivery of exacting household energy products into the emerging African markets; the unemployed end user will walk to work.

There is nothing much more than a little joy in the gift of a better energy solution for the desperate without means to pay; if, the end user cannot participate in the wealth of job creation. It is also the very jobs in manufacturing, sales and after sales servicing that will assist to create the means to distribute, educate and maintain the consumption of sustainable household energy products.

Ecovest secured end-user participation which requires the off-grid and community-based manufacturing of products that integrate energy; point solutions or household-ready products require less supply-chain capital up front and it is much more suited to rural communities as there are no expensive high-voltage transmission networks to build with costly grid management and control… Emply the end-user.

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